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Our services are designed to help you throughout your life, with expert advice and solutions to support your evolving needs.

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Six steps to financial comfort

We have a simple six stage process to help ensure your plan is based on a thorough and clear understanding of your needs.

  1. Welcome me – The first step is to establish our relationship, answer any initial questions and set out what happens next
  2. Know me – In order to create a plan that is tailored to you, we need to get to know your goals, aspirations and perceptions and get a deep understanding of what matters to you and why.
  3. Understand me – Once we’ve discussed your goals we’ll validate them to identify what you can realistically achieve, discuss what compromises you’d be willing to make and understand your attitude to risk, so that we can identify suitable solutions in the next stage.
  4. Develop my plan – Our team will look at what options suit your needs best and develop a personalised plan of action, which we’ll present back to you.
  5. Put my plan in place – Once you’re happy with what we’ve recommended, we’ll make arrangements to implement it.
  6. Check my progress – if you take up one of our ongoing advice services, we’ll review your plan on an ongoing basis to make sure you keep on track. Over time your goals and circumstances naturally evolve, so it’s worth reviewing your plan regularly to ensure you’re making the most of your opportunities.

Remember, the value of your investment can go down as well as up and you may get back less than what was paid in.

The right components to put your plan in place

1825 Financial Planners have access to a variety of investment solutions to meet a breadth of needs. Whatever your approach to investing or your attitude to risk, our strategies and solutions are designed to help you achieve your goals.

When we build your personalised financial plan, we’ll work with a carefully selected range of providers and investment managers to find the solution that’s right for your needs.

A service that fits around you

Whether you’re looking for a frequent, detailed review of all your arrangements or simply regular peace of mind – we’ve designed our services to fit around what’s appropriate for you.

A team who care about you

At the heart of 1825 is our team. We're here to understand you and help you make the most of opportunities, as well as planning for the unexpected. Your planner has the support of a range of people who work together to build your holistic plan.

"Financial advice is more than just choosing an investment. It's about ensuring that a client's financial goals and objectives are achieved by minimising tax and risk, providing expert help and continuously reviewing and adjusting the financial plan to ensure it's still on track."

Steve Lloyd, Chartered Financial Planner

"The value of seeking financial advice is having a long standing, trusting relationship built on integrity and professionalism, which allows the client to relax and feel secure."

David Knight, Financial Planning Consultant

"We give our clients peace of mind that they’ve maximised and protected their assets for them and their loved ones to enjoy."

Shona Lowe, National Head of Private Client Services.

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