Investment options

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Once we’ve identified your financial goals and your attitude to risk, it’s time to consider which types of investments are right for you.

1825’s four principles of investing

We have a range of different strategies for investing your money to give you the best chance of achieving what you want from your financial plan. Each strategy follows our four principles.

  1. Aligned to your goals – your planner will recommend investments that suit your goals and your circumstances
  2. Diversified – investing across different asset types is more likely to give you a consistent result, depending on the level of risk you take
  3. Specialist expertise – we use dedicated specialists to actively steer your investments through complex markets and take advantage of change
  4. Delivering value – our investment options are designed to combine a variety of suitable funds and fund managers and are actively managed to focus on delivering value

Remember that although we’ve designed and use investment options to help you achieve your goals, investments can go down as well as up and there’s always a risk that you might get back less than you put in. Part of the benefit of having an ongoing relationship with a financial planner is that we regularly review your plan to make sure you’re in the right place for what you want to achieve.

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1825's investment options

Our range of investment options has been designed around the principle that everyone has their own attitude to risk, preferences for how they’d like to invest and personal financial goals.

Every option that we recommend has been through a rigorous process to ensure that it’s robust, well managed, aligned with our core investment principles and gives you good value. And we keep a close eye on them to make sure this doesn’t change.

We carefully assess the suitability of each investment option for you. This means you can be confident that when you do invest, our carefully selected solutions are appropriate for meeting your goals and in line with your attitude to risk.

1825's investment options graphic

Multi asset risk based investments

These diversified, professionally managed options each target a level of risk. They seek to maximise returns at that risk level for long term growth, either through discretionary managed portfolios or single funds.

Discretionary investment management

A dedicated client portfolio manager will build a portfolio for you, to suit your particular investment and tax requirements. You get a high level of personalised service and reporting

Existing assets

Our Existing Asset Service allows your financial planner to ensure that any investments you already hold (which you don’t move into one of our core investment options) remain aligned to your risk profile and goals.

More about the 1825 Portfolios

Read examples of the updates we provide if you invest in the portfolios.

Example quarterly commentaries.

You can also find examples of our investment strategy documents and more information on how the 1825 portfolios are designed to meet a range of needs.

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