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Maintaining a high standard

Baigrie Davies was acquired by Standard Life’s financial planning arm, 1825, in August 2016. After careful and considered planning you’ll now start to see the 1825 brand appearing but the same familiar faces will be providing the same excellent standard of service and financial planning that you have come to expect from Baigrie Davies.

It’s a thrilling time for us all at Baigrie Davies as we become 1825’s presence in London; helping to shape our new business to do more good for more people by helping to ensure that their finances afford them the life of their choosing.

What happens next

When you next meet your financial planner, we'll review your circumstances as usual and explain the 1825 terms of engagement.

If there is a need to make a change to your financial plan, we will do so using the options and expertise available through 1825.

If there's no need to make any changes to your plan, we won't.

If you have any questions in the meantime, please don't hesitate to get in touch with your usual Baigrie Davies contact.

Finding what you need

On this website you’ll find all the information you would have expected from the Baigrie Davies website such as contact details and a link to log in to your Wealth Planner account.

You can use the navigation across the top of your screen to find the information you need – but here are some key links to get you started.

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