Initial advice service

Our initial advice service is designed to get you set up with a financial plan you can be confident with. This is all about listening to you, considering your priorities, and finding the best way to work towards your goals. Initial charges are typically payable for new clients to set up your financial plan and are subject to minimums.


We’ll always be clear on the cost of our advice. Our charges will be agreed with you before any chargeable work is started and before you make any payment to us. Our initial charge is based on a percentage of your agreed assets under advice and in certain circumstances may be subject to VAT. If this is the case, we’ll let you know in advance.

On-going advice

Now that we’ve worked together to put your initial financial plan in place, how do we make sure it remains on course to reach your objectives? By taking up our ongoing financial planning services we’ll help you keep a clear view of your financial plan, review your goals and make sure things are on track – whatever your circumstances.


Ongoing financial planning is all about tailoring things to you as an individual. All of our services offer:


  1. Fully regulated financial advice from qualified professionals 
  2. Access to a full range of 1825 recommended investment solutions from globally renowned experts 
  3. Ongoing investment management that reflects the level of risk you’re comfortable taking
  4. A financial plan that’s based around achieving your goals

It only makes sense that our approach to pricing is also tailored to suit your needs and the amount of your assets we manage; meaning you only pay for the services you use.

To ensure we provide you with the right level of service at the right time, we’ll re-assess the complexity and range of your financial planning needs on an annual basis.

Cost of additional services

In certain circumstances you may ask your financial planner to carry out the additional work which is beyond the scope of our standard services. Your financial planner will discuss the scope of our standard services with you before you are charged any additional fees. 

On such occasions, we may apply a percentage charge based on assets under consideration or, an hourly rate based on the time spent to complete the work.

Should this be the case, your planner will discuss and agree this with you in advance of any work being carried out.