Sharing your wealth in a way that allows you to maintain control.

Used in the right way and in the right circumstances, trusts can play an important role in planning for the future and sharing your assets whilst keeping some control.

Choosing to share via a trust

Broadly, the purpose of a trust when looking at estate and succession planning is simple: to help families control how and when assets such as cash, investments or property are handed over to the younger generations.

But deciding whether or not it's the right choice for you will require some thought and specialist advice.

Specialist advice is vital

There are lots of different types of trusts, which will have different tax treatments and your trust has to match your goals and objectives.

You will also need to decide what to put into the trust, have to understand what the tax consequences (if any) would be of that and have to decide who you would want as the beneficiaries and trustees.

All of these potentially difficult decisions and the complexity surrounding trusts will be easier to navigate with an adviser alongside you.

Choosing trustees

If you’re setting up a trust, your trustees play a vital role in ensuring that a trust is run in line with your objectives. But making the right choice can be difficult and if you get it wrong there can be issues arising from disagreements, death, distance, confidentiality or incapacity. Appointing a professional trustee could avoid them.

We can help here. 1825 has a trust corporation with over 25 years of experience and that’s trustee on over 500 trusts holding a variety of assets.

lifetime-trusts- graphic Created with Sketch. As professional trustees, we are: Easy to work with Experienced experts Always impartial Well regulated Cost efficient


How we help:

  • We have in-house trust and tax specialists dedicated to managing the trust in line with its objectives. 
  • The day-to-day administration of a trust can be demanding. We’ll ensure that all monitoring and reporting is carried out and that the administration isn’t a burden. 
  • We’re based in the UK where trust corporations and professional trustees have to comply with legal obligations.
  • Our fees are transparent and we always aim to deliver our services in the most cost-efficient way.