Where to start?

The world of investments can often appear complicated and daunting with so much choice. And when it comes to making your own investments, one size doesn’t fit all. Your financial goals, and the time period over which you have to invest, are likely to be unique to you.  Then there’s the whole question of risk; too much risk for one investor may not be enough risk for another.

Your 1825 Financial Planner will help you understand your goals and recommend your investment strategy.

Importance of managing investment risk

All investments carry some degree of risk. Taking a higher level of risk can be one way to potentially grow the value of your money but it can also lead to greater losses. The risk level you take has to be right for you. What’s important is being able to demonstrate control over investment risk.

Putting all your money in one type of investment or region can be riskier. You can aim to reduce that risk by spreading your money across a mix of investment types and regions – known as diversification.

Diversification is a key element to our approach to investing and how we manage investment risk. 

The 1825 approach to investing

We have a range of strategies for investing your money to give you different ways to achieve what you want from your financial plan. Each strategy follows our four principles: 

  1. Aligned to your goals – your planner will recommend investments that suit your goals and your circumstances
  2. Diversified – investing across different asset types is more likely to give you a consistent result, depending on the level of risk you take
  3. Specialist expertise – we use dedicated specialists to actively steer your investments through complex markets and take advantage of change
  4. Delivering value – our investment options are designed to combine a variety of suitable funds and fund managers and are actively managed to focus on delivering value

Investment options

Our range of investment options has been designed around the principle that everyone has their own attitude to risk, preferences for how they’d like to invest and personal financial goals.

Every option that we recommend has been through a rigorous process to ensure that it’s robust, well managed, aligned with our core investment principles and gives you good value. And we keep a close eye on them to make sure this doesn’t change.

We carefully assess the suitability of each investment option for you. This means you can be confident that when you do invest, our carefully selected solutions are appropriate for meeting your goals and in line with your attitude to risk. But remember, the value of investments can go down as well as up and could be worth less than was paid in.


Your investment options Created with Sketch. Multi asset risk based investment Discretionary fund management Existing assets


Multi asset risk based investments

These diversified, professionally managed options each target a level of risk. They seek to maximise returns at that risk level for long term growth, either through discretionary managed portfolios or single funds.

Discretionary investment management

A dedicated client portfolio manager will build a portfolio for you, to suit your particular investment and tax requirements. You get a high level of personalised service and reporting.

Existing assets

Where you already hold investments, and moving them to one of our core 1825 investment solutions wouldn’t be in your best interests, we may be able to consider these in your financial plan and continue to analyse and manage these investments, as part of our Manual Investment Management process in order to keep them aligned to your goals. This is only available within our Freedom service.

Fund choice

1825 Financial Planners have a wide range of investment options to choose from when building your portfolio. You’ll find household names in our investment solutions.

Before investing, your 1825 Financial Planner will always explain what your recommended portfolio means for your money, and what to expect in terms of risk and returns.

If it’s not the right decision to move to an 1825 investment solution, you financial planner will continue to analyse and manage your portfolio in order to keep it aligned to your risk profile and goals.

1825 Investment solutions

The 1825 Portfolios – a summary

Choosing the right investment strategy to provide the returns you need is an important part of your financial plan. We know that one size doesn’t fit all, so we offer a variety of investment solutions to meet different needs. The 1825 Portfolios are one option that might be recommended to you.

Find out more about the 1825 Portfolios >

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

There are a growing number of investors who do not wish for their portfolios to be focused solely on capital return. Instead many are also looking for their funds to help make a difference whether from an environmental perspective or helping society. 1825’s Financial Planners are able to discuss with our clients their specific views and help to tailor an investment solution that meets these beliefs whilst also meeting their financial planning requirements.

For clients with strong ethical views we are able to refer them to one of our Discretionary Investment Manager partners, who are able to create bespoke portfolios.

Niche investments

For those clients prepared to accept high risk, 1825 is able to recommend tax efficient investments such as Venture Capital Trusts (VCTs), Enterprise Investment Schemes (EIS) and Business Relief (BR) products. 1825’s Financial Planners are able to utilise these investments as part of our clients’ ongoing tax and estate planning strategies. Remember, tax rules and legislation can change and the value of tax benefits depends on your individual circumstances.