The 1825 Portfolios - a summary

Choosing the right investment strategy to provide the returns you need is an important part of your financial plan. We know that one size doesn’t fit all, so we offer a variety of investment solutions to meet different needs. The 1825 Portfolios are one option that might be recommended to you. On this page you’ll find full details of each Portfolio's investment strategy and risk profile. You'll also find the Quarterly Commentaries to help keep you up to date on how the Portfolios are performing.

  • Five investment portfolios made up of a variety of funds
  • They include a diverse range of investments to help spread risk
  • Managed by experts from Aberdeen Standard Capital
  • Access to funds from leading fund management groups across the market
  • Managed to give the best possible balance between risk and returns specifically designed for 1825

The right level of risk for you

Your 1825 Financial Planner will help you decide on the right investment strategy to meet your goals. If that strategy includes investing in an 1825 Portfolio, they’ll recommend the most appropriate one and explain why.

We rate our Portfolios on how much risk they take, relative to each other, and your financial planner will be able to explain how these relate to your individual risk profile. Generally, the higher the risk the greater the potential return or loss, and the lower the risk the lower the potential return or loss. Remember that the value of a Portfolio can fall as well as rise. Even the lowest risk Portfolio can still fall in value, so as with all investments there’s always a chance you may get back less than you invested.

1825 Portfolios Created with Sketch. Lower risk 1825 portfolio 1 Lower to Medium Risk 1825 portfolio 2 Medium risk 1825 portfolio 3 Medium to higher risk 1825 portfolio 4 Higher risk 1825 portfolio 5

Spreading your money around

Putting all your money into one type of investment or region can be risky. You can help reduce that risk by spreading your money across a mix of investment types and regions – this is called diversification. Diversification is a key element of our approach to investing, and to the 1825 Portfolios.

Wide-ranging investment expertise

The 1825 Portfolios are managed by a team of experts at Aberdeen Standard Capital who have years of experience building and managing portfolios, as well as the resources and tools to do this. They have access to extensive research to help them pick the best funds from across the market.

All funds in the Portfolios need to meet strict selection criteria on quality and value. They also need to meet regulatory and legal requirements to make sure your interests are safeguarded.

Managed, reviewed and updated for you

We want to give you peace of mind that you aren’t taking any more risk with your money than you’re comfortable with. And we want to give you confidence that your money is being managed to give you the best possible outcome.

The experts at Aberdeen Standard Capital aim to provide the best possible returns for each Portfolio’s level of risk. This includes:

  • Regularly reviewing the investment mix
  • Adjusting the investment mix as necessary to stay in line with the original risk level
  • Actively identifying opportunities in the market to provide additional returns within the risk level
  • Making sure funds used remain appropriate and changing them where necessary

Quarterly Commentaries

The latest Portfolio Quarterly Commentaries are available below. They provide an overview of what’s been happening in the markets and changes made to the Portfolios, over the last three months, as well as details of ongoing charges.

Remember, the 1825 Portfolios are part of a range of investment options that your 1825 Financial Planner could recommend depending on your goals. They’ll only recommend investing in them if it’s the right thing to do for you. They’ll explain all of your investment options, and help you make the right choices to stay on track to meet your financial goals.