Retirement planning can be complex.

Whether you’re saving for retirement or planning your life now that you’ve retired, seeking financial advice can be hugely important in order to maximise your savings and avoid costly mistakes.

Our Financial Planners will walk you through each stage of your retirement journey. They will create a unique financial plan that’s tailored to your objectives and the risk level you’re comfortable taking.

Making a retirement plan that can help achieve your goals

Planning for retirement

  • Understanding your needs

    We’ll take the time to understand what you want to achieve for your retirement.

  • Creating a tailored plan unique to you

    Pensions are a great ways to save for later years, but Individual Savings Accounts, property and other savings and assets can be important too.

    We will look at all the options available to you when creating your retirement plan; including helping you choose between buying an annuity, taking a lump sum or making regular withdrawals while continuing to invest.

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Life in retirement

  • Re-evaluating your needs

    You have worked hard to build up your retirement fund – we’ll take the time to understand how exactly you’d like to enjoy it.

  • Ensuring your plan continues to work for you

    Continuing to invest? Providing for the next generation? Freedom to spend without worrying?

    Whatever your goals, we’ll create a personalised financial plan that allows you to have a happy and comfortable retirement.

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Ongoing advice

We understand that circumstances change – that’s why we can regularly review your plan to ensure you remain on track.

What our clients say

Thank you for all your hard work, we now feel confident over our retirement - great work! We really look forward now to the next life phase, and very happy to be supported through the transition by 1825.

Debrea Lewis and Brian Langford

1825 have proven invaluable in terms of my retirement planning, which, after all, is one of the most important issues in everyone’s lives - and all too often one that remains forever on the to-do list. My 1825 adviser helped me to prioritise, plan and crucially execute that plan, giving me control of my future. Moreover, this isn’t a one-time thing, with proactive management and regular reviews giving me and my family continuing peace of mind as we journey through life.

Anthony and Laura Prime