Helping you to enjoy life and everything you've worked hard for post-retirement.

A good financial plan doesn't stop when you have retired. Taking outside factors like market volatility and investment performance into account, ongoing advice will ensure that your plan continues working towards your goals long after retirement.

Post-retirement FAQs

How will I know if my money will last in retirement?

Our Planners use cash flow modelling to understand how far your money will go. This, in its simplest form, is the process of understanding your current and forecasted wealth, along with income and expenditure, to get a view of your finances both now and in the future.

In the past your income may have come from a salary. Now that you’re retired, our Planners will look at all your assets to create a financial plan that enables you to achieve the life you want in retirement, including minimizing tax so your money goes further.

Can I afford to provide for my loved ones once I’m retired?

Providing for loved ones is important to many of us. There are many ways in which you may look to do this; from gifting to naming beneficiaries to setting up a trust. If you would like to discuss your options for sharing your wealth in retirement, an 1825 Financial Planner would be delighted to help.

Visit the inheritance section for more information about passing money on to the next generation.

Will my retirement plan cover long-term care considerations?

We’re all living longer – which is great – and with good financial planning, it should be possible for the majority of us to make the most of our retirement.  Whether it’s golf, gardening or global travel, we all deserve to enjoy the fruits of all those years when we’ve worked and saved hard.

However, in some cases long-term care may become a necessity. Planning ahead can play a key role in allowing you – and your family - to be prepared if needs be.

Should I change my approach to investing in retirement?

You may wish to change your approach to investing now that you have retired. Whether your appetite to risk has changed or you wish to explore new kinds of investments, seeking expert advice can be crucial when it comes to ensuring any changes made won’t affect the stability of your retirement plan.