The right investment for you?

When it comes to investments, one size doesn’t fit all. Our clients will have different financial goals and different time periods over which to invest. Then there’s the whole question of risk; too much risk for one client may be not enough risk for another.

To meet the varying needs of our clients, we have created the 1825 Portfolios – available only to 1825 clients. There are five Portfolios, each with the aim of providing the best possible returns for the level of risk taken.

Your 1825 Financial Planner will help you understand your financial planning goals and will recommend, what they believe to be, the right investment strategy to help you meet these. If that strategy includes investing in an 1825 Portfolio, they will recommend the Portfolio that’s right for how much risk you’re prepared and able to take, and also explain why.

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Our Investment Beliefs

We have firm beliefs in how investing should be conducted. These beliefs are at the heart of everything we do at 1825. We hope they give you a real understanding of how we would work with you and manage your money in an 1825 Portfolio.

Helping you choose your investment strategy

Your 1825 Financial Planner will provide invaluable knowledge and expertise to help you make the right investment choices, and help to make sure that your investments are on track to achieve your financial goals.

They will:

  • work with you to understand your financial status, validate your needs and track your ambitions and aspirations
  • help you work out how much you need to invest, and for how long, to meet those goals
  • analyse the amount of risk you’re prepared, and need, to take, and balance this with your financial (and emotional) ability to incur potential losses
  • help you select the right types of investments and products for your goals and attitude to risk
  • review your investment strategy regularly and make adjustments where necessary

Niche investments

For those clients prepared to accept high risk, 1825 is able to recommend tax efficient investments such as Venture Capital Trusts (VCTs), Enterprise Investment Schemes (EIS) and Business Relief (BR) products. 1825’s Financial Planners are able to utilise these investments as part of our clients’ ongoing tax and estate planning strategies. Remember, tax rules and legislation can change and the value of tax benefits depends on your individual circumstances.