There are five Portfolios, each with the aim of providing the best possible returns for the level of risk taken. The Portfolios, managed by experts at Aberdeen Standard Capital, part of the abrdn group, give you access to high quality funds from across the market at a discount.

The Portfolio Manager makes use of both strategic and tactical asset allocations:

The strategic asset allocation ensures a wide range of investments are employed to spread risk.

The tactical asset allocation enables the portfolio managers at Aberdeen Standard Capital to make adjustments, with the aim of exploiting short term opportunities, or taking evasive action where they consider there to be potential market or fund issues.

1825 Portfolios at a glance

  • Five Portfolios – each designed to meet a different level of risk, from lower to higher
  • Include a diverse range of investments from across the world to help spread risk
  • Access to funds from a wide range of leading fund management groups
  • Access to the investment expertise of award winning discretionary managers, Aberdeen Standard Capital, supported by global fund management house Aberdeen Standard Investments
  • All Portfolios managed, reviewed and updated regularly by a team of experts, with the aim of providing the best possible returns for their level of risk

The 1825 Portfolios in detail

The 1825 Portfolios are researched, built and managed by the investment team at Aberdeen Standard Capital. They aim to give you the right balance between how much risk you’re prepared and able to take, and the returns you need to meet your goals.

Your Portfolio will be managed to meet that level of risk. Generally, the higher the risk the greater the potential return or loss, and the lower the risk the lower the potential return or loss. Remember that the value of a Portfolio can fall as well as rise. All Portfolios, even the lower risk, can still fall in value, and you could get back less than you invested.

Lower risk 1825 portfolio 1 Lower to medium risk 1825 portfolio 2 Medium risk 1825 portfolio 3 Medium to higher risk 1825 portfolio 4 Higher risk 1825 portfolio 5

Each Portfolio has a different risk profile and investment strategy. Your 1825 Financial Planner can help explain the differences and help you decide on which Portfolio would be right for you.

Managed, reviewed and updated for you

As your discretionary fund manager, Aberdeen Standard Capital provides the following services on your behalf:

  • Management & oversight – your portfolio is managed by specialist, professional investment managers, who aim to provide peace of mind via constant oversight of your investments, and the markets in which they operate
  • Regular rebalancing – the portfolio managers arrange for quarterly rebalancing of your portfolio, to ensure it is regularly brought back into line with the target risk profile. Rebalancing can happen more frequently if market conditions require it
  • Tactical adjustments – as part of daily oversight, the portfolio managers can make adjustments, with the aim of exploiting short term opportunities, or taking evasive action where they consider there to be potential market or fund issues
  • Wider choice of assets with the flexibility to move between options – your portfolio has cost-effective access to assets which are normally only available to investors with substantial wealth, or which are difficult to manage in portfolios, giving greater opportunities for both growth and for defence
  • Robust risk management – your portfolio is maintained within the risk range that you agreed with your 1825 Financial Planner, managing your wealth and helping you achieve your objectives
  • Relevant and clear information – you receive regular reporting that provides valuable information regarding the performance of your portfolio, and worldwide investment markets
  • Effective cost management – your portfolio managers can obtain assets at better prices than generally available, due to the scale of the overall business
  • More time to focus on financial planning – with your portfolio in the hands of professional investment experts, you and your 1825 Financial Planner can concentrate on putting the plans in place to help you achieve your lifetime goals

Remember, the 1825 Portfolios are part of a range of investment options that your 1825 Financial Planner could recommend depending on your goals. They’ll only recommend investing in them if it’s the right thing to do for you. They’ll explain all of your investment options, and help you make the right choices to stay on track to meet your financial goals.

Aberdeen Standard Capital

Aberdeen Standard Capital have years of experience building and managing portfolios.

As the discretionary investment management arm of Aberdeen Standard Investments (ASI), Aberdeen Standard Capital is uniquely placed to leverage the considerable investment resources and expertise of one of the world’s global asset managers.

With access to the widespread footprint of ASI, covering every asset class, Aberdeen Standard Capital is able to construct and manage portfolios that align with clients’ investment philosophies and requirements. This means the investment process that underpins the 1825 Portfolios is powered by a global investment institution, working to help you achieve your financial goals.

Aberdeen Standard Capital has access to extensive research to help them select the best funds from across the market, as they aim to meet each Portfolio’s target investment mix, risk level and return target.

Here are some of the fund management groups with funds in the Portfolios:

Logo of Fidelity International Logo of Investco Logo of Vanguard
Logo of Janus Henderson Logo of Legal and General ASI logo

All funds in the Portfolios have to meet strict selection criteria on quality and value. They also need to meet certain regulatory and legal requirements to make sure your interests are safeguarded.