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Coronavirus - 1825 FAQs

Julie Scott

During this difficult time, continuing to look after our clients and colleagues remains our number one priority.


How is 1825 dealing with COVID-19?

During this difficult time, continuing to look after our clients and colleagues remains our number one priority. 

To ensure our team is protected, we have moved most of our team to work from home for the foreseeable future. We believe this is the right thing to do, however, the quality of service that we provide remains of the upmost importance.

Being part of the Standard Life Aberdeen Group has enabled us to access technology at pace, so we can operate seamlessly and safely from home, to continue looking after you with as little service disruption as possible.

What is 1825’s connection with Standard Life Aberdeen?
1825 is a brand which is part of the Standard Life Aberdeen group, a FTSE®100 company*. Our name refers to the year Standard Life was founded and acknowledges the experience and expertise that our parent company brings.

Standard Life has been supporting people to manage their life savings for almost 200 years and shares in our desire to achieve the best possible outcome for those who we advise on their financial planning.

How can I get in contact with 1825?
You can contact your Financial Planner or your support team via email or telephone as usual. For many of our clients we know it’s a valued relationship and this hasn’t changed.  You can continue to work with the same team that you know and trust, and who understand you. As you would expect, we will continue to work relentlessly to do the right thing for you as a client. 

If your main point of contact is unavailable for any reason, someone else will always be available to help you and any out of office message will guide you on who to contact. 

We’re always on hand to help with any questions you may have.

I’m due to have my annual planning meeting soon, will this still happen?
Yes. If you are due to have your annual planning meeting over the coming weeks, we will be in touch as normal to arrange this. We will carry it out by telephone or Skype video call depending on how long the current situation persists. We can meet with you again when circumstances allow us to do so in the future.  Your Financial Planner will still remain on hand to answer any queries that you have and we ask that you contact them directly rather than through the office phone. 

We have adapted to working differently and we’re hearing that the new set up is working well for our clients so far and we hope that this will be your experience too.

I posted some important documents to your office, will these have been received?
Yes. We have made some operational changes to the way we work, to continue to provide you with great service. These include having our colleagues all working from home and temporarily closing our offices, but we still have a limited ability to return to our offices to deal with any post received. 

For the coming weeks, we are likely to become increasingly reliant on email and telephone. We have adapted our approach to enable us to do this, with as little impact on you as possible.  This is working well, and we feel it is the right thing to do in order to protect our team, our clients and those in the wider community. Equally, some providers are no longer accepting post, so we have also amended way of working to allow us to accept scanned documents from you to act on your behalf. 

During this time please contact your Planner or support team direct before posting anything to us so we can look at alternatives if possible or arrange for collection from the office if there is no alternative to post. 
Is it safe to share documents and information via email or over the phone?
We take cyber security very seriously and always use safe and secure messaging.

We’ll never send out emails to you asking for security details or other confidential information.  If you receive an email that looks as if it has been sent from 1825 but you’re unsure, please do not respond or visit any site which the emails may link to. You can always contact your Planner who would be happy to verify any emails sent.

I need to release some of my funds into cash for planned expenditure?
If you require cash just now or anticipate needing funds in the coming weeks, beyond any regular withdrawals you are taking, please can you give as much notice as possible.  Whilst we are operating as normal, various investment providers are still adjusting to changes in their operations and timeframes may take a little longer than normal.

I am concerned about my investments, should I look to make any changes?
The Coronavirus has led to recent market volatility which can understandably raise concerns surrounding investments.

Rest assured that our investment experts are working closely with their counterparts in Aberdeen Standard Capital and are keeping a very close eye on the situation. 

It is normal for the value of investments to go down and up and although not guaranteed, history shows us that values generally recover and go up over the longer term, despite short term volatility. 

We will only recommend investments that we believe are best suited for your individual financial goals. If our experts think that your investments are no longer appropriate, they will be in touch to discuss your options.

If you have any specific questions on your own investments, please contact your Planner.

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