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Fundraising for the Children's Hospice Association of Scotland (CHAS)

Newsroom Team

Jon Dodson, People Development Manager at 1825, spends his time in work supporting his colleagues. Jon helps to provide our team with the relevant learning and development we need; ensuring we have the right knowledge and skills to meet the needs of our clients.

Outside of work he is turning his hand, or feet rather, to helping others once again. Read on to find out how Jon is doing his bit to support Children’s Hospice Association of Scotland (CHAS).


What is Jon doing to support CHAS?

I try to do at least one charitable event a year to raise money for a worthwhile cause.  Previous years have seen me getting my head shaved (for breast cancer care) and organising a bake off for Save the Children.  This year I’ve decided to run 100k in September for Children’s Hospice Association of Scotland (CHAS)……  not all in one go!  I am a keen(ish) runner anyway but I’d like to help others if I can. 

Who are CHAS? 

CHAS are a fantastic charity that raise money to support children with shortened life expectancies and their families.  Their mission is to fill these families’ lives with happiness no matter how short their time together may be.

For over twenty years they’ve been offering a full family support service for babies, children and young people with life-shortening conditions. This includes palliative care, family respite and support – through hospices, homecare services and hospital presence.

You can read more about their amazing work here.

How can people make a donation?

Should anyone wish to support CHAS, they can donate directly to the charity on their website. Alternatively, I have set up a Facebook page here with more information.

How confident are you of completing your goal of 100K?

I’ll let you know on 1st October!  Seriously, it will be tough but I’m hopeful to get at least 100k done….  Even if I have to crawl some of it!

Jon Dodson in running gear