Financial planning

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Neil Messenger

The present climate of uncertainty has provided us with valuable time to reflect and re-evaluate our daily activities and how we have lived our lives so far. We are all trying to assess what the future is going to look like: both before and after a vaccine is hopefully available.


With this in mind, we are keen to gather feedback from our partners in business and find out what further support you want from us:

  • Looking ahead, would you prefer to speak over the phone, email or schedule a video call? Naturally we would love to meet up in person as well, when we are able to.
  • Perhaps we can share our experience on data security or the process for completing activities in our business
  • Or you may want us to talk through how we are looking after any vulnerable clients at this time and how we could help yours
  • We may be able to help you on changes in legislation that has taken place recently, such as changes to the pension taper relief and the main property nil rate band or any specific client queries
  • With expertise on corporate schemes, we may be able to provide guidance on looking after you, your business and your teams, at this time.

As a business partner of 1825, we would love to hear from you and see how we can work together better. Our planners are available to you for discussions, there to provide support, guidance and reassurance. If you would like to take this time to get in touch please do.

Recent feedback from our clients show that they value strong trusted relationships. This trust is built on the regular contact that they have with the individuals that advise them, regular insightful communications and also being associated with a professional, trustworthy and approachable organisation.

Is this something that your clients value? Please contact your local financial planner or planning team to discuss. Please note that with a financial plan, investments are involved and the value of investments can go down as well as up and they could get back less than they paid in.