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Sailing the river Clyde with the Ellen McArthur Cancer Trust

Julie Scott

This time around, Colin McAdam, Head of Technology & Business Solutions at 1825 Financial Planning is in the spotlight. Last week Colin took some time away from the office for a very worthwhile cause: he spent 3 days with the Ellen McArthur Cancer Trust (EMCT) taking 9 under 18s sailing on the River Clyde.

Hear more from Colin:

What was the aim of the sailing trip?

The aim of the sailing trip is to give kids an opportunity to have some exciting fun outdoors. It is a chance for them to experience sailing, make new memories and have some overall fun. The trip lasted 3 days and was packed with learning to sail, BBQ’s, water fights and even an encounter with Kylie the Dolphin.

Can you tell us a bit more about the EMCT?

It’s a national charity that’s all about rebuilding young people’s confidence after cancer treatment and the devastating effect it can have.

The EMCT aims to help by using sailing to support, empower and inspire young people as they start to rebuild their lives; it provides the bridge between treatment and moving forward into a future that may not always have seemed possible.

You can find out more about the great work they do on their website.

How did you get involved with EMCT?

Back in 2016 I was volunteering with the Ocean Youth Trust, one of the people who worked there ended up moving over to work for the EMCT. They knew of my love of sailing and reached out to see if I would be interested in helping out.

I couldn’t pass it up; in reality it was hard not to want to get involved. Having been sailing for around 20 years myself, I was keen to introduce the activity that I enjoy so much to young people who may not have otherwise had the chance to experience it.

Suffering from such an awful condition can have a huge negative effect on self-confidence. By getting involved with the EMCT- I feel together, we can strive to make a difference as these young people start their lives after cancer.

What’s next?

Next up is another sailing trip in September. However, this time I’ll be joining the trip for the over 18 age group. It’ll be a great chance for them to get out on the water and have some fun while trying something new and connecting with people who have had similar experiences.

It promises to be a great trip! Keep any eye out for my next update on how it goes.

Colin McAdam steering a boat